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Robin Hood School Finance


Judge Thomas Moukawsher of the Connecticut Superior Court issued a sweeping ruling this week calling for the comprehensive reform of public education, from governance to funding.

In the background of the Judge’s decision were troubling allocations of education funding going to School districts during the State’s budget crisis. Despite their extreme challenges, many poor districts suffered reductions in support, while relatively affluent districts enjoyed increases in support.

Financing of public education often follows this pattern of reverse Robin Hood. Because we primarily rely on property taxes and state formulas, wealthy communities ride the escalator up, while low-income communities who experience population or economic declines fall into a downward cycle.  Read more

Social Policy

Social Policy is the home for progressive and provocative ideas, analysis, and commentary on social policy issues.

This blog is written by Edward F. Lawlor, the William E. Gordon Distinguished Professor at Washington University in St. Louis.

Eddie Lawlor is the former dean of the Brown School at Washington University, former dean at the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago, and the founding editor of the Public Policy and Aging Report. He is the author of Redesigning the Medicare Contract: Politics, Agency, and Markets, as well as numerous articles in health policy, social services, and aging.

This year Professor Lawlor is on sabbatical from Washington University and serving as an Executive in Residence at the United Way of Greater St. Louis. He is working on a book on human service reform.

He has a long record of policy analysis, commentary, and public service.

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This blog is devoted to the reform of human services, public health, education, and community development.